Is there any better way of sharing with you my favorite slow Mediterranean brands and artisans of 2019 if not via this sustainable xmas gifts guide made for aesthetically sensitive individuals? In this list you can find a very curated selection of beautiful project that were inspiring me during 2019.

I called it Sleeping Mediterranean to describe the winter season on our beloved Mediterranean Sea. Born in different parts of the Mediterranean these brands reflect slow life philosophy, being beautiful ethically and aesthetically. Each one of this brands is a story itself and I can't wait to share it with you!




Simuero is a tiny brand from Valencia that gets inspired in nature, imperfection & sex. "We admire the beauty of wrinkles, irregular shapes, the grace of simplicity that does not simplify, the sensuality of the natural transformed into pieces that ourselves dream of".





Accidente con flores is not just a brand, its a sustainable creative process. A multidisciplinary design studio based in Ibiza and Mallorca. The brand supports local artisans and produces its clothes and ceramics ethically on Balearic Islands. "Accidente con flores is an ongoing process – timeless and constantly growing collections available at any time".





Delbes Ibiza is a lovely brand with a very strong concept and purpose. "Sonia Ferrer is the brand's creator and designer, she creates pieces from her workshop on top of a mountain in the north of Ibiza, seeking absolute coherence with everything she believes in and with her life". Her clothes are inspired in the traditions of Ibiza, the Ibicenco regional costume, the Payés dance with its movements, its textures and its shapes. Her job as a designer consists in preserving the origins and innovating on them with her particular creative vision.






Beautiful textile sculptures made by the artisan Mercedes Vicente. Mercedes is an artist based in Galicia, Spain, specialized in craft. In 2018 she was selected as a finalist of Loewe Craft Prize. In 2019 she participated in Salon “Revelations” (Le Grand Palais, Paris), International Building and Construction Fair (Sanghai) and 

Residency at Rong Design Library in Yuhang/Hangzhou. Seems absolutely incredible that you can buy one of her textile sculptures on her web for 250€. An amazing xmas gift!





I discovered Canoa Lab walking through Ruzafa barrio in Valencia. Their workshop was full of natural light and beautiful ceramic pieces they make in this ceramic and metal laboratory. This brand is an infinite aesthetic pleasure, either when you see their workshop, their web or their Instagram. "CANOA is the means by which we accumulate experiences, playing with materials, shapes, colors, but also a place where photography, graphics and audiovisual become physical locations where you can contemplate the slow change, the more sustained in time flow, and which allows an understanding of everything sensitive".





As for handbags Atelier Batac is a small artisan brand located in Barcelona. The brand was created by a former Spanish filmmaker Cristina Gómez as an intention to use her recently honed skills in leather-working and conjure them into the stories she wanted to tell. The real uniqueness of Atelier Batac consists in the use of the vintage one-of-a-kind Lucite handles which is also the reason of their limited editions to 10 to 20 units per color approximately. All bags are designed and prototyped at the small atelier of the brand located in Gracia barrio of Barcelona. Then the limited series of bags get manufactured in small artisanal workshops in the city. 



And finally for cold winter days there is nothing better than beautiful and very elegant knitwear, just as RUS makes. The brand aims to inspire women to curate and create their own dressing ritual, layering pieces in infinite ways. "RUS is part of a global movement that believes in selecting rather than accumulating, producing garments meant to be rediscovered season after season".



P.S. This post is not sponsored and it reflects my own values and visual taste, as well as the philosophy of INSPAINME.COM.


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Thank you and enjoy your December!