Cultural immersion tour in Madrid that will let you experience the unique lifestyle and the creative spirit of the capital of Spain. 







During the tour we will visit the most artistic neighborhood or barrio of Madrid where local creatives and fashion brands set their studios.

We will walk through their stores and hidden ateliers (often located in small apartments) and have a chance to meet them in person and talk about their experience and inspiration.  We will discover some really sustainable and ethical local brands using innovative materials and bringing back traditional artisanal techniques. 


This tour is a perfect way of finding new ideas & sources of inspiration if you are a designer, shop owner or just a creative spirit. Its also perfect to discover a curious mix of modern & traditional Madrid for all travelers.


The Slow Fashion & Design Experience is our contribution to slow travel and responsible tourism movement in Spain, as it follows its main principles, such as cultural immersion, interaction with local community and supporting local brands & projects.


This tour usually starts at 11 am and it's available from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays most stores close, but you still have a great and genuine opportunity to discover slow fashion & design on Rastro flea market. We'll dive into the world of vintage treasures, visit an artisan jewelry studio and a small shop offering the best of Spanish craftsmanship. 


You can book this tour sending me a message on Instagram or contacting me via

See you in Madrid!


* The tour length is 2 hours aprox. The cost for 1 person is 95€, for 2 - 150€, for a group of 3 or 4 - 200€.