These days, when most cities are overcrowded with tourists and our planet is running out of resources, sustainable AND SLOW tourism becomes especially important. Such tourism is also called ethical or eco, and it helps us to switch from consumption to care, both destination itself and its local inhabitants.


We created [INSPAIN:me]  project to share our new era travel philosophy and to show that there is a way of traveling that combines ethics and aesthetics preserving the true and authentic beauty of the destination. 


Discovering Spain through its local creative industry, design and cultural heritage is captivating, fun and sustainable.



We get visually and intellectually inspired by Spanish heritage, design and crafts and share this inspiration with you via editorial content and experiences.


We try to avoid mass tourism destinations and areas.


We support small local brands and projects and love connecting them with audience through visual narratives and storytelling.


We set a high value on handwork and traditional craftsmanship.


Through aesthetics and design not only we promote city tourism but also rural tourism and areas of Spain.


We introduce you to the creative industry and community of Spain, making you live authentic slow-local experiences.