Beauty with a purpose: three organic skincare brands from Spain



Taking care of yourself and at the same time of the planet. Sounds like a dream, right?

Being beautiful today first of all means having beautiful thoughts. The new era kalokagathia, if you will.

We selected three made in Spain organic skincare brands to show you what the real beauty is about. 



No 1: Rowse Beauty



Rowse is a plant-based Spanish skincare brand founded by Nuria Val, a well-known Spanish influencer and her friend Gabriela Salord. The brand describes its mission as connecting people to the planet through an intentional line of plant-based skincare and developing meaningful dialogue about how we understand and interpret nature.


The best thing is that not only Rowse has the intention to develop a dialogue between humans and nature, the brand actually gives us an opportunity to establish this dialogue through a meaningful experience that you can live at home after buying their products. The experience consists in preparing a beauty mask yourself depending on your skin type and necessities. All ingredients and recipes are available on their web




No 2: Henna Morena




Henna Morena is a Mediterranean hair care brand founded by hairdresser Sandra Vivancos that discovered henna during her trip to Morocco. Amazed by its properties very fast she became addicted to organic hair care and the contact with nature that it gave to her and her clients. It was time to start her own brand and that's how Henna Morena was born.

All the products and ingredients, except henna, have Spanish origin and are made in Barcelona. The brand also has two beautiful spaces in Madrid and Barcelona where they offer their products & experiences. All the information is available on their web.



No 3: NASEI 



Founded by two sisters in Bilbao, the northern part of Spain Nasei first came as a beauty salon using ecologic cosmetics in each treatment. When the founders realized that their clients also needed products that they could use at home, the brand was born. 100% vegan Nasei offers honest beauty through phyto and aromatherapy also offering some great experiences in their Bilbao store. More info and all their products available here